Come to Cambo Gardens to join in on a ceramics workshop with Blair Leeson and Rachel
Corr. We will be teaching an afternoon class on coil-built pots with an emphasis on our
surroundings in the garden. While we take our time going through the process of making
pots we would like to focus on storytelling, experiences of the land and the connection
between humans and earth, with the intention of the final firing being done in an open
pit. The workshop will take place around the Summer Solstice; a celebration of life,
creation and the elements.
We would love to hear your memories of the East Neuk; swimming in the sea, eating fish
and chips or watching the stunning sunsets. The stories we tell will be imprinted to the
clay, metaphorically and physically. To finish our clay pieces, we would like to encourage
participants to draw, carve or impress their experiences of the local landscape into their
Each pot will be put through a pit fire to create a traditional groove ware object. Pit firing
is the oldest known clay firing method where a hole in the ground is filled with organic
materials such as; seaweed, driftwood, dried fruit skins, copper wire and more. Each
material put into the fire will provide varying results. It
leaves the results up to chance, whatever the firing decides.
We will open the pit a week after our workshop to reveal the
effects that have been made by our discussions, hard work
and natural forces.


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Date: Sunday June 19th
Time: 1pm-4pm
Price: FREE

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