Terrain Tea Tales
October 3rd, 2021
Elements: Wood
Tea Ceremony & Stories
Cambo Garden
This is a mindfulness based tea ceremony combined with exploring the theme of Elements through the symbols of mythology and folktales. It is part of the project Terrain Tea Tales by storyteller & artist Owen Pilgrim
Once there was a Zen master in Japan named Baisao who dedicated his later life to sharing tea in the simplest of ways. Just the act of drinking tea together, beyond convention or formal ritual but with awareness and respect.
The way of tea.
The sign he hung on his bamboo donation cup read:
‘The price of this tea is anything from a single sen to a thousand gold pieces.
Otherwise it is free.
I only wish I could give it to you for less.’
Baisao translates as: the Old Tea Seller.
The Terrain Tea Tales sessions are a time to be in nature immersing in the Terrain, to share Tea together, and to hear and reflect on some Tales.
Tea has for centuries been used as a way of taking time to slow down, to separate from the hectic world, and to be still. In itself tea is seen as a medicine with qualities that embody the act of being mindful. Stories share a similar quality.
The Old Tea Seller, Baisao, in 18th century Kyoto saw that the way of Zen and the essence of nature were contained in the drinking of tea and the relationship with the plant through drinking tea, and he dedicated his life to the practice of tea and the pleasure of sharing it with others.
Join me in exploring tea and stories in places of natural beauty around Fife. I will be holding a number of sessions during this year that are based on the theme of Elements, all of which are central to tea and to the cycle of life & living fully.
Earth, Water, Fire, & Air.
With an extra 2 sessions looking at the Chinese elements of Wood & Metal.
This fifth session is on the theme of Wood.
During this session we will immerse in a Boiled Tea ceremony and explore stories that relate to the theme of Wood. This will be a look at symbols of Wood in mythology, especially Celtic mythological tradition, as well as through folktales that illustrate the theme. The significance of the relevant aspects of the tea ceremony will also be explained. There will be time to reflect on the theme and the tales for insights into how they are significant for us in our lives, as well as time for discussion.
Boiled Tea is a recently revived ancient oriental tradition that involves boiling specific types of suitable tea for a long period of time. The tea is heated in a cauldron over a brazier until it is sufficiently brewed, then it is shared amongst the group. It is ideal for groups as the tea can be prepared in a large batch. It takes time for this process, giving the opportunity to be present and create a space of calm. This is a ceremony that is centred around mindfulness and meditation and invites us to go deeper into the medicine of tea, with the use of high quality ethically-sourced tea that is prepared for ceremony purposes.

I should probably say something about ceremony, it could be a word that is misunderstood. Ceremony in this context is the intentional practice with specific methods, in this respect it is about having a mindful approach. It also signifies a stepping away from day-to-day habitual activity and to relax into a more present state of awareness. It’s very simple really, but can have a profound effect.
The Terrain Tea Tales session will be an occasion to be present and mindful and to really engage with the natural surroundings, the tea, and the theme. It will be a few hours out of the mundane world and into slower earth time.
Due to the nature of the tea ceremony the numbers will be limited to 6. This also allows us to adhere to social distancing regulations.
The location of this event is within the beautiful setting of Cambo Garden, Fife. If the weather is fair we will be holding the session in a tranquil space within the walled garden.
This project has been made possible as a result of being awarded the Andy Hunter Memorial Bursary by TRACS Scotland and the Scottish Storytelling Forum.
Andy Hunter was a lovely human & storyteller whose work often involved connecting people with nature and stories. One of his projects was called Storybikes, where he took groups on bike tours and tell stories along the way.
I am very grateful to be give the opportunity to offer this project, it is very close to my heart. I hope you will join me to share some tea and tales in the terrain of nature.
£5 of each ticket goes toward a donation to the Global Tea Hut who are keeping the tradition of tea and tea ceremony alive. The Global Tea Hut have been key to giving advice and providing the equipment and ceremonial tea for this project, as well as the teaching of the methods of Boiled Tea.
If you have any questions or want to discuss this event then please contact:
Date: 3 October
Time: 11am - 2pm
Price: £30 www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tea-ceremony-stories-mindfulness-cambo-garden-fife-tickets-178623526777

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