Snowdrops with social impact…

Cambo Snowdrops (registered charity SC028131) operates as a social enterprise with a focus on skills development and training for young people and adults. All bulbs sold contribute to our learning and engagement programmes.

All bulbs supplied by Cambo Heritage Trust are cultivated in the woodlands here at Cambo Estate or neighbouring estates. Crowded clumps are dug each year and the bulbs are sorted by hand. Mature, flowering bulbs are sold and the thinnings (unflowered bulbs) are replanted in situ or elsewhere on the estate to increase the display and keep the stocks sustainable.
Every year from January to April, you can order ‘bulbs in the green’.

We sell single and double snowdrops, snowflakes, aconites, wild garlic and specialist snowdrop varieties from our online shop. Bulbs are also available on site in our plant centre. All bulbs either ‘in the green’ or ‘dormant’ are supplied ‘damp packed’ and ready for immediate planting.

If you have a question please email us at and one of our staff will be very happy to assist you.

Wholesale prices (orders over 5,000 bulbs) are available on request, please email the address above.

These prices are for UK mainland addresses only, unfortunately we cannot currently supply to Northern Ireland or the European Union.

For mail order bulb options click here.

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