Galanthus elwesii ‘Rosemary Burnham’


A beautiful hybrid Galanthus elwesii snowdrop with particularly fragrant flowers. The outer segments are virescent (green) shaded jade-green and marked with fine lines – whilst the inners are covered with a solid green mark. Clumps up to a large multi-flowering bulb slowly and prefers a dry, free-draining soil.

One adult sized flowering bulb is supplied per order.

Each year at Cambo we release a small quantity of specialist Galanthus varieties for sale from our collections. Cambo specialist Galanthus varieties are sent out as adult flowering bulbs, from February. Our team process specialist snowdrops on the day of their dispatch. Our bulbs are labelled, carefully packaged in damp moss, packaged and sent out immediately using a 24-hour service.

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