These songs and stories were created for the Cambo Den Trail here at Cambo Gardens. You can see the Bog Goblin’s Bug Hotel, The Fairy Castle and The Fairy Circus if you visit… just be careful of those Bog Goblins! If you can’t make it to the fairy trail, don’t worry! You can find fairies everywhere. When you’re out and about keep your eyes and ears open. It could be something you see in the corner of your eye, or a rustle in the hedges, whizzing between the branches and whooshing over your head. Listen carefully and you might hear: The hoot of an owl, The flap of a bat, The buzz of a bee, The swoosh of the wind The tipple of the rain on leaves…

This is fairy music, and it means they are near. We hope you enjoy the stories


Music & Lyrics by Mary Erskine & Will Dollard

Words by Matt Borgatti

Date: Anytime
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